We are a totally new company that was born after 4 years of arduous analysis and study in terms of national security issues and international.
In these 4 years we have obtained international representations regarding training programs with expert tactical trainers from prestigious military academies from different parts of the world.
Direct representatives of the best manufacturing companies of all types of products aimed at national defense and aerospace defense issues.
The totality of security companies in Peru to meet the request of a client's staff resort to call or recruit staff through social networks and ads in prestigious newspapers and thus fulfill the request, among the people placed in these new positions There are usually 50% of retired military personnel and 50% of civilian personnel with safety experience.
The difference is made by us and we can be sure to say with great honor that we are the only company in Peru that has made agreements and works hand in hand with the associations, federations and confederations of the Peruvian armed forces adding 30,000 men ready to work in any eventuality and safeguard the welfare of the countries or companies that request our services.
WE DO NOT RECRUIT, since we have an active reserve of 30,000 men who have all followed military life and rigorous training at the time.
These associations, federations and confederations function as a family and are jealous of their environment taking care that each member is worthy of belonging to their groups and are properly filtered.
Our staff is made up of a large group of people who have been selected for their great LOYALTY and CAPACITY, experts in intelligence, counterintelligence and defense systems and we offer the world the best of services.

We offer:

  • 1. Professional Military solutions around the world.
  • 2. Work together with your intelligence service in your country.
  • 3. Propose strategies to exterminate problems of terrorist order.
  • 4. Take care of your personal or corporate security.


We provide a personalized service according to your needs!


We have a variety of venues where we can contact in person.


We give you the confidence that you and your need need.